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Reliable Production Workers

With HR Motives you get the right workers with the right skill set in any amount you need at the right time - quickly and uncomplicated.

Check what are the benefits from cooperation with Business Process Outsourcing company.

We cooperate with

Our people work in the following fields

HR Motives Group’s employees work in various industries. They are responsible for creating new products, meeting quality standards and deadlines. They are scrupulously observing procedures and follow safety regulations.

With our help, manufacturing companies gain precise and efficient employees who avoid errors, defects and delays in production.

  • Cosmetics manufacturing

  • Bakery and confectionery products

  • Fish processing

  • Construction output

  • Fruit and vegetable processing

  • Diary processing

  • Meat processing

  • Ready-cooked meals

  • Manufacture of furniture and woodwork

  • Production of fodder crops and fertilisers

  • HVAC

  • High-tech products manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

  • Automotive industry

Benefits of cooperation with HR Motives Group

Because of the following factors, our clients rely on us:

Manufacturing specialization

We understand how manufacturing companies operate. Our experience, means we are able to effectively match and prepare workers for the demands of the working environment

Access to the labour force at a moment's notice

We understand the importance of stability in production processes, that is why we have and constantly update a database of workers ready to start work within 7 days

No language barrier

Many companies are wondering, how communication with Far East workers looks like. We take care of the comfort of our clients and employees – that’s why, each company we are working with, is supported by a dedicated coordinator, who ensures smooth communication at all times and responds immediately to any questions that may arise.

Securance of legal stay and lawful employment

Manufacturing workers are the heart of our business, that is why we provide them with safe transport, transparent and legal employment conditions, comfortable accommodation and coordinator support.

Relationships based on mutual satisfaction mean that our employees have been with us for more than 7 years.

Wide offer

We value our clients’ time, that is why our tasks include recruitment process, ensuring legal work, employment (payment of social security contributions), payroll and HR services, OSH training, accommodation, daily transport, adaptation and supervision on a daily basis.

A simple and transparent form of billing based on personal timesheets provides our clients with full financial control and easier budgeting.

No employees rotation

Frequently, manufacturing jobs are being treated as temporary ones. However, our workers are distinguished by their determination, willingness to learn and readiness for long-term work. They respect the terms and conditions of cooperation, perform their tasks efficiently and take their work very seriously.

Specialized workers

HR Motives Group’s recruiters are looking for skilled and experienced workers to fulfil client’s needs.

What is the step-by-step process of working with Hr Motives Group?

We have built a well-working outsourcing process for production companies. A fully developed procedure, makes easier the financial controlling part as well as saves our client’s time.


First meeting

Let’s schedule a meeting- to get to know your company and discuss it’s needs. We will outline the cooperation, the proposed contractual terms, how the costs develop and the possible duration of the collaboration.


Start of cooperation

Once agreed on all the details, a start of cooperation is confirmed by a signed contract. Client is being assigned with a dedicated company coordinator.


Matching workers to company needs.

HR Motives Group staffing.


Worker adaptation.

Worker adaptation in the new workplace.


Payroll and HR services for hired employees

Performing of payroll and HR services for hired employees by HR Motives Group.


Settle an invoice

Settle Invoice based on a timesheet.

You can count on a fast response in case you require assistance, a detailed explanation, or additional information at any stage of cooperation.


The satisfaction from cooperation is the most important thing for us. Below, you can find feedback, shared by our customers.

  • Thai Union
    Monika Tarasiuk, HR and Administration Director THAI UNION POLAND SP Z.O.O

    We highly appreciate the commitment and professionalism of production line employees, as well as their meticulousness in conducting processes.

  • Bergen
    Andrzej Nowotarski, President of the Management Board of Spomet

    Thanks to HR Motives Group, we are experiencing a cooperation with accurate and exceptional motivated employees from the Far East. We are completely satisfied with the comprehensive services provided by HR Motives Group and from the high achievements by production line employees.

  • Monika Czarnecka, Head of the HR and Payroll Department at Paged Pisz Sp. z o. o.

    The furniture industry requires workers to have a proper specialization and good manual skills. Thanks to HR Motives Group Sp. z o. o. our team has been fulfilled with qualified employees from the Far East. Every day we observe their perseverance, willingness to learn new skills and commitment to work.


All you should know about HR Outsourcing

Answers to the most common questions

Check the key factors about the process outsorcing in HR MotvesGroup.

It happens, that business CEOs are afraid of the communication barrier and the problems that may arise because of cultural diversity. However, we have worked for a long time to create the perfect solution. The result of our efforts- is the involvement of dedicated coordinators for each project.

Our clients are being supported by coordinators on a daily basis. They take care of communication flow between workers and a factory. What is more, coordinators are helping with life adaptation, solving unexpected issues. Besides that, coordinator is also responsible for employees substitutions, once needed, and accommodation arrangement.

Our clients are glad by their accuracy and willingness to gain new skills. Without any doubts, our workers are hard working and result-focused.

Cooperation with outsourcing agency ensures the factory productivity, guarantee a legal employment, and also, reduces costs associated with the constant search and rotation of production employees.

We are proud to confirm, that we have a stable rotation level, which reaches only 2-6 %. At a recruitment stage, we inform workers in details about a future work place, responsibilities and accommodation.

Care of our employees and a transparent recruitment process have allowed us to reduce the turnover rate to a minimum.

Yes, without any doubts, we recruit qualified specialist for production positions. We make sure, workers have essential knowledge and skills to work effectively and confidently.

If you are looking for a qualified employees- fill in out Contact Template (below). We will respond to you query as soon as its possible.

Duration of the recruitment process depends on a few factors:

  • Needed qualification
  • Candidates readiness
  • Visa procedurę and legalization perspectives
  • Medical examinations

We are aware, how important the stability of production processes is, that is why we have constantly updatable database of employees, who are ready to start work within next 10 days.

While preparing the offer, we propose a rate per hour of the employee’s work and a simple form of settlement – a single invoice, which is issued basing on every single timesheet. We have developed a system that not only makes invoice settlement easier, but also helps to monitor budget and control their expenses.

Hourly rate includes:

  • Employee’s salary
  • Gross employer salary
  • Social contributions and taxes. Odprowadzamy składki ZUS
  • The cost of recruitment, translation of unnecessary documents, work permits, residence cards, costs of visas and tickets
  • Medical examinations
  • Daily transportation of the employee
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Adaptation to the new work environment, constant support of a coordinator who is at the disposal of employees and customers

In HR Motives Group, each employee is legally employed, social security fee and a salary are being paid monthly, basing on the personal timesheet.

During the recruitment process, employees review the terms of the contract, consult on salary, insurance, accommodation, transportation, and other employment-related issues.

Before starting work, employees are receiving a training to get a knowledge about a position responsibilities and processes.

Single invoice – a very simple and transparent form of settlement, based on a list of employees’ timesheets, allowing our clients to keep a full financial control and minimize budgeting efforts.

In HR Motives Group, we care equally about our clients and employees.

Without any doubts, daily support with adaptation, does positively influence employees’ sense of security and effectiveness of work in a production environment. A satisfaction of our employees affects the success of our clients, so we provide our employees with a special group coordinators.

He is responsible for:

  • Primary employees onboarding.
    Coordinator informs workers about the in-company processes, in-side policy and office culture.
  • Formalitie:
    Covering formalities related to worker’s legalization and stay in Poland. Also, coordinator helps in matters connected to wiza, health insurance examinations and opening a bank account.
  • Communication and support.
    Coordinator is a first point of contact for Far East workers. He is responsible for securing a good level of communication, immediate issue resolution and general support, in case anything is needed.
  • Adaptation period.
    Coordinators do their best to make sure worker feels well in new cultural environment. That is why, different cultural trainings are being organized – we talk about common cultural customs and traditions, main country holidays celebrations and generally covering topics “how to cope with cultural difference”.
  • Transportation and accommodation.
    Coordinator is also responsible for proper organization of comfortable and safe accommodation. To add to that, coordinator stays in contact with a local driver, who covers ground transportation.
  • Success and satisfaction monitoring.
    Coordinator not only monitors the working flow on factories, but also communicates on a daily basis with Production Manager and factory’s HR specialist. While being on a factory, coordinator observes the workers’ productivity, identifies areas needed to be improved and makes sure our employees are satisfied with their role.

Yes, we are constantly receiving a positive feedback from our clients from different industries. Clients from the following fields of business are pleased with the cooperation with HR Motives Group: FISH PROCESSING, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PROCESSING, BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS, MANUFACTURE OF FURNITURE AND WOODWORK.

In case you are interested, what our clients think about working with us, check the references here.

HR Motives Group is a considerable specialist in cooperation with major productions. We are aware, how factories functionate, what are the needs and how to find a perfect worker. Thanks to the experience on a market, our services effectively influence the positive development of manufacturing companies.

Because of the following factors, our clients rely on us:

  • Extensive experience in production workers recruitment
  • Assured legal stay and lawful employment
  • Qualified workers
  • Access to the labour force on a short notice
  • Comprehensive selection
  • Eliminated language barrier
  • Low personal rotation

Get in touch with us!

If you are interested in production workers employment and not sure how the process should look like for your company – contact us.

During a short consultation, our specialist will check your company’s needs and explain, step by step, how an outsourcing HR processes may look like. We will answer all your questions and dispel the doubts.