Fruit and vegetable processing industry plays a significant role in the global food supply chain. Unfortunately, this industry is currently struggling with the lack of production line workers. The issue with  finding proper employees has a negative influence on the production stability and efficiency.

Production Management have already notice an outstanding potential in cooperation with outscoring companies and employing  Far East workers.

Work in the fruit and vegetable processing industry

Work in the fruit and vegetable processing industry is  demanding and, at the same time, extremely important for stabilizing  the food supply chain. Workers  are involved in a range if  processes, such as sorting, cleaning, cutting, packing, securing and preparing products for further distribution. These responsibilities require to stay precise, keep the working speed and be able to work in team.

When looking for motivated physical production workers, large factories are considering cooperation with  process outsourcing companies. Cooperation with outsourcing  company allows clients to concentrate only on key business aspects. At the same time, external outsourcing company will take responsibility for  recruitment process, settlement of working timesheets, full HR and payroll services. 

Effective time-saving and cost-reducing optimization in fruit and vegetable processing industry

Handling the responsibility for both HR and payroll services to external company, is a successful solution for cost reduction. At the same time, production gains a ready and efficient team of workers in fruit and vegetable processing industry.

Cooperation with external outsourcing company guarantees an immediate action plan in adjustment of production to the current company’s needs.

Because of a considerable staff shortage in fruit and vegetable processing industry, productions are  considering contracting foreign workers. Hiring of Far East employees, ensures production stability.

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