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Constant recruitment process for F.H. Nowalijka

HR Motives Group is also involved in recruitment flow for F.H. Nowalijka, a company, which is dealing with fruit and vegetable processing. Our employees are playing a significant role in the factory. Thanks to well-build recruitment standards, we managed to create a qualified, sturdy and productive a team of nearly 100 specialists.

Customer Challenges

F.H. Nowalika is one of the biggest factories, processing fruits and vegetables. The company produces and supplies fresh vegetables, herbs, lettuces and ready-made meals for major retail chains.

Long-term employees for the fruit and vegetable sector.

The main client’s challenge was to employ long-term workers, taking into consideration a luck of local candidates. Regional people were treating work on a factory as a temporary one.

The client wanted to avoid a production downtime. This was the main reason why client had to build a team of almost 100 employees in the shortest possible time.

HR Motives Group Solution

HR Motives Group specializes in recruiting big numbers of employees in a short period of time. That is why, soon after presentation of HR Motives Group action plan, the cooperation started.

Our employees passed the recruitment process, signing contracts, adaptation to new roles and place. They were ensured with comfortable accommodations and daily transportation. Thanks to that, we managed to build a strong, motivated team of 90 people in a short time.

For past 5 years, HR Motives Group is a constant recruitment partner for F.H. Nowalijka. On a daily basis, we care both about our client and employees. Our dedicated coordinator guarantees the high level of communication, supervises work and helps immediately to sort any unpredictable matters.

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Outsourcing process for large manufacturing companies. Check out the Case Studies below to understand better, how a long-term cooperation with our clients looks like.

Well-motivated employees in fish processing company BG Production

Fish processing sector

For last 4 years, we have being managing dynamics workers needs for BG Production. We are effectively fulfilling staffing needs and providing an excellent outsourcing services for both BG Production plants.

The main client’s expectation from HR Motives group is to implement an outsourcing process and maintaining a constant number of 150 production employees.

200 long-term employees for Graal

Fish processing company

Graal is one of the largest fish processing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. For HR Motives Group, a 3-years cooperation with this client is always dynamic and requires immediate reaction. We are proud, that we are successfully beating all the outsourcing services challenges.

Are you thinking about cooperation with process outsourcing company?

We managed to created a well-working strategy of process outsourcing for production companies.

In order to successfully implement process outsourcing, we must clearly understand the company’s needs and challenges. Once we are aware of company’s specifics, we adjust our plan with specific recruitment, managing and payroll solutions. Basing on the established plan, we are calculating a servicing fee.

All the presented solutions, are based especially on adherence to work safety and compliance with legal regulations.

It will be a pleasure for us to describe how the implementation of process outsourcing might look like in your company. Our specialist will answer all question that may appear and dispel the doubts.

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