Outsourcing process has become an integral element of modern business standards for manufacturing companies, enabling companies to focus on their core tasks, but not on a recruitment.
Altogether with the benefits from process management, another challenges have appeared. The biggest task now is to care both about employees’ well-being while meeting customer demands.

Where is a golden mean in Process Outsourcing? How to care equally about employees and clients?

The foundation of process outsourcing is carefully developed standards and activities. During processes maintenance, we focused on the market’s needs and challenges that might appear.

To be good at processing outsourcing, HR services company must follow the dynamics of activities, be flexible and be able to adapt to the individual needs of the company. Our service is based on a quick cooperation of different departments, responsible for ensuring the compliance of procedures. To add to that, excellent servicing must secure an immediate response on a client’s needs and secure the high level of communication with employees.

We must care about our employees- as production effectiveness and stability are directly dependent on workers’ efficiency and readiness to work.

Is it possible to keep a production employee satisfied?

In HR Motives Group we implemented a range of actions that keep an employees’ satisfaction on a high level:

  • Secured transportation and free accommodation

During the recruitment process, potential workers are asking about conditions of work in Poland.

People are concerning that they will have to look for accommodations by themselves. To add to that, they are worrying about transportation to the work place. Majority of resignation of many candidates at the recruitment stage were caused by the above described concerns.

That is why, to secure a comfort for our employees, we guarantee a free accommodation and daily transportation for all workers. To add to that, we arrange an internet connection – so we eliminate worries related to daily communication with relatives and friends.

  • Dedicated coordinator

Our workers speak English language. In order to overcome a language barrier we decided to implement a dedicated coordinator for each client we work with. A coordinator is mainly responsible for assuring a high level of communication between workers and a production authorities. Also, another coordinator’s responsibility is to help with adaptation on a new work space, supervising work on a production and assistance with basic daily needs (for example, to shop, arrange doctor’s appointment or TRC formalities).

  • Motivational bonuses

Constantly, we motivate employees by rewarding them with bonuses awards for achieved performance on production. Employees appreciate these awards, which translates into increased work efficiency.

  • Anonymuous satisfaction survey

In order to ensure transparency and enable employees to express their opinions, we conduct anonymous employee satisfaction surveys once in 3 months. Employees willingly participate in surveys. Thanks to that, we can obtain a feedback regarding communication with the main office, coordinators’ support, work conditions in production, cooperation with colleagues and the quality of accommodation.

  • Trainings

We try to facilitate the work and, generally, a stay of our workers in Poland. Having this in mind, we organize different trainings for our employees. For example, we conduct Polish language lessons for interested participants.

  • Punctuality and regular salary

Many employees have experienced an acceptable experience with previous employers. This happened because not accurate employers did not pay a salary punctually. We are aware, that paying a salary on time gives employees a feeling of safety, that’s why we are committed to paying wages regularly and on time. We believe, it is a key element of our cooperation with employees.

Support and care for employees are directly reflected in the efficiency of work in our clients’ production plants. When cooperating with clients, we ensure transparent and clear terms of cooperation, partnership relations and effective communication.

Process outsourcing is a persuasive business tool, However, effective people management remains a main part of a successful recruitment. It requires a huge responsibility for employees’ well-being, as well as client’s satisfaction. It is very important to keep a balance in approaching both human aspects and business needs.

If you are interested in production workers employment and not sure how the process should look like for your company, contact us.

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